Festival of Stocks

Someone's taking the Festival of Stocks a little too literally

Step right up and don’t be shy. Presenting the umpteenth weekly Festival of Stocks, a blog carnival that’s the brainchild of George at Value Investing News. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a blog carnival is an periodic get-together of various bloggers on the same topic. One blog hosts the carnival – this week, that’s us. You can probably figure out the topic of the Festival of Stocks without any further help, so let’s get started:

You get paid just for owning a stock? It doesn’t even have to go up or anything? Welcome to dividends, a grossly overlooked way of building wealth. Matt at Dividend Monk showcases his strategy for dividend growth investing.

We’re not done with dividends. John at Passive Family Income contrasts a stock’s dividend payout with how much it appreciates. The ratio can surprise, inspire and motivate you.

We were never so disappointed as when we entered Arjun Rudra’s name into Wordsmith.org, only to get the message “no anagrams found.” Arjun runs Investing Thesis, and this week features an interview with Michael Yhip (“my heap chili”), president of a capital management firm and authority on global macro trading.

Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff gives us a guest post from Barbara Friedberg, who explains the concept of time in the market. (It means start early. Earlier, even.)

Ben at Money Smart Life used to work for e*Trade (E*Trade? eTrade? Etrade? Curse them and their unorthodox punctuation.) Anyhow, he argues that if you’re going to go with an online broker, his former employer is worth checking out.

We were thrilled to get an email from Phil Taylor of PT Money, although our excitement was somewhat tempered when we found out that he wasn’t the guy who used to drum for Motörhead. This Phil Taylor hired a fee-only certified financial planner, something we highly recommend, only he explains it better than we could.

Pete somehow manages to run two big pf blogs, Smart on Money and Bible Money Matters. Not only that, he’s a pretty talented writer, too. But if sarcasm is lost on you, don’t read his 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Open a Roth IRA at Smart on Money. (Wait, is he saying we should read it? I’m so confused…)

Speaking of which, when a guy has the URL RothIRA.com, you should probably listen to him. Mitch Archuleta presents an article by Kevin Mulligan on what will happen to Roth IRA contribution limits next year.

Alex at Magic Formula Investing discusses a new equity firm founded by Joel Greenblatt, author of The Little Book That Beats The Market.

A chemical engineer with and MBA who writes coherently? Why is he wasting his time blogging instead of running for senate? Darwin of Darwin’s Money is way past the gold bubble: he’s found three exchange-traded funds that specialize in precious metals and are rising even higher than gold itself. (Considering that “Darwin” is presumably a pseudonym, he might really be running for senate for all we know.)

Holy Jeez, eh? Canadian representation! Mich at Beating the Index is in the hoose! The Quebecois blogger explains his home equity line of credit market strategy.

Steve at Magic Diligence recommends a quiet defense contractor’s stock. He also came up with the best euphemism we’ve ever heard for dying: “natural retirement.”

Dividends Value follows suit with an assessment of HCC Insurance Holdings, a British stock that’s apparently ripe with potential.

It’s the rare financial blogger who’s as vocal about his losses as he is about his gains. Yet the eponymous The Financial Blogger has no problem laying it bare for you, right here.

Intelligent Speculator needs to be cured of that insufferable habit of using “needs” as a noun (“see us for all your personal finance blogging needs”), but he does have something interesting to say about a volatile NASDAQ global select travel stock.

There’s wisdom in zagging when everyone else is zigging. Donald D. Harder of Securities Research Services (not to be confused with any of the other Donald Harders at Securities Research Services) posts on contrarianism at Personal Dividends.

David at The Sun’s Financial Diary has even more to say about contrarianism. Of course, if we run enough posts about being contrary, then they’ll become the conventional wisdom, and holding the majority opinion will thus be the new contrary, and…

Dan at ETF Base is waiting for the bottom to fall out of the bond market. And when it does, he’ll be there with his hands outstretched.

Meanwhile, the man himself posts at Fat Pitch Financials. 6 years ago George, the founder of the Festival of Stocks, started a Coverdell Educational Savings Account for his kid. It’s invested in “special situations” – tender offers, mergers, those kinds of thing. And George is currently doing to the S&P what the Lions did to the Rams Sunday.

And finally, if we may, one of our own. At the start of summer we argued that British Petroleum stock was a fantastic buy. A company with strong fundamentals that had suffered one big unfortunate event. That event was merely big, and not astronomically cataclysmic as some politicians and environmentalists would have had you believe. Since then, the Gulf of Mexico has gotten a lot cleaner, and BP’s stock has gained 40% in 14 weeks. Rational exuberance, indeed.

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