Before you buy our book…

Take a deep breath. Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense is the culmination of years of researching other people’s bad money habits, presented in one comprehensive volume that will forever change the way you think about and use your money.

Okay, you sold me. But where should I buy Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense from?

You could buy it at Amazon. Oh, that’s original. Way to follow the pack. As it is, 8 trillion people* every hour buy something from Amazon. You’ll just be another number.

You could buy it at And you’ll receive — a book. Nothing else.

Start controlling your cash by buying Control Your Cash from the source…

(Here comes the big offer:)

Buy the book by clicking here and we’ll throw in a copy of our latest e-book, The Unglamorous Secret to Riches. Not only will you learn how to gain a permanent upper hand on your money, the e-book will teach you in detail the method that self-determining rich people use to build and preserve their wealth: a method that’s so simple that it’s easy to overlook.

No, The Unglamorous Secret to Riches is not one of those ripoff 1-page e-books in which an author condenses something he already wrote because he thinks you’ll be dumb enough to buy the same material twice. The Unglamorous Secret to Riches is informative, dense, and written in that same Control Your Cash style that some readers find refreshing but many can’t get their heads around.

So what to call this? “A $3.50 value, yours free”? Technically that’s true; it’s how much the e-book sells for. But considering that it should be worth at least thousands if you apply it to your everyday life, we’re basically offering you the greatest deal in history not involving Peter Minuit and Manhattan.

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