The new home of the Carnival of Wealth

Founded by Arohan at Personal Dividends, the Carnival of Wealth is a weekly blog carnival featuring posts from some of the most prolific bloggers in personal finance. Arohan graciously (if occasionally regretfully) let us host it once a month, and it seems that we impressed him enough that he’s giving it to us to take over for good.

So consider the Carnival of Wealth your new Monday feature here on CYC. (Tuesday in Kiribati and other places just east of the International Date Line. We’re also huge in Tonga.) The Carnival is an opportunity for you to read some of the other worthwhile bloggers in the genre, and for underrecognized writers to get some exposure.

Regular readers, don’t worry. We’re not going corporate, and our tone won’t change one whit. So our carnival hosting is either going to be 4 times as entertaining or 4 times as insufferable, depending on your viewpoint.

If you want to submit something to the CoW, post about one of the following on your existing blog:

  • Investing
  • Personal Finance
  • Taxes
  • Estate Planning
  • Careers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Family
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel

It’s called “Carnival of Wealth” for a reason: it features posts about how to create, manage, and enjoy wealth.

How to Participate

  • Submit by 12 a.m. Saturday (Eastern Time)
  • Use the Carnival of Wealth Blog Carnival Page. It can be spotty though, so if it is use this alternate form.
  • Link back to the particular Carnival edition from your blog. We’ll attempt to notify you that you made it in with a trackback. If your site isn’t WordPress based, include a trackback URL when you submit.

That’s about it. See you next Monday. runs on the Genesis Framework

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