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Welcome to the only personal finance site that’s committed to helping you build wealth, if you’re willing to meet us halfway.

Therefore, one of this site’s design features is that it’s the only site of its kind that speaks directly and without compromise.

Personal finance? Yawn. That stuff is boring and it doesn’t apply to me, anyway. I’m just punching the clock every day, trying to survive. Financial independence is great in theory, but only if you’re born into it or lucky. 

Nonsense. Take our posts to heart and you will build wealth, guaranteed. You’ll do it in spite of yourself. Even if you don’t make much. Even if you think you’re over your head. It worked for us – two people who between us average half a college degree and one screaming child – and it’ll work for you. If you’re skeptical, you’re already falling behind.

We don’t sell a package of video lectures and workbooks, at least not in this particular post. Rather, we invite you to browse the archives and its trove of worthwhile, actionable content.

What we promise you:

No boring stories about our personal lives. (“Today we made chicken piccata for 23¢ a serving!”)
No pity party. (“It’s so hard to make ends meet, and those politicians aren’t making it any easier.”)
No tired stream-of-consciousness verbal diarrhea, written just to take up space. (“Have you thought about combining all your errands into one? It’s a great way to save gas.”)

Instead, you’ll get clear explanations of mystifying financial topics. Not to mention perspective on your career and its financial impact, regardless of what you do for a living. And proven strategies for building wealth (and avoiding financial drains.)

It’s all free, and you’re going to love it. In fact, you’re going to smack yourself on the forehead, turn your gaze to the heavens and ask, “Why did no one tell me about Control Your Cash before?”

Then, you’re going to subscribe to our feed and get our goodness in your mailbox 3 times a week. You’re going to download the free ebook, unless you already did when you saw the popup. And then, once you realize how all that content can benefit you and your finances, you’re going to buy our book – Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense, the only personal finance manual you’ll ever need (available in both Kindle and physical formats.)

Join the community. Leave a comment. Twitter and Facebook us. But most importantly, understand that you don’t have to spend your life worrying about your money. You can act on it, instead of having it act on you. It all starts now. So are you in? runs on the Genesis Framework

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