Carnival of Wealth, Filibustering Edition

"I'm going to start by reciting a collection of my wife's musings. 'They say time flies, but with the way the airlines are these days, maybe time should take the bus. The bus.'"

“I’m going to start by reciting a collection of my wife’s musings. ‘They say time flies, but with the way the airlines are these days, maybe time should take the bus. The bus.'”


The majority party in the United States Senate attempted to eliminate most filibusters this week, even though the Senate Majority Leader responsible for the parliamentary maneuver used to have the opposite opinion about lengthening debate indefinitely on controversial issues and appointments. (This was back when, purely coincidentally, his own party was in the minority.) So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bark ad nauseam until we get today’s CoW up to a suitable length. Hey, it’s not our fault that we’ve scared off all the bad submitters at this point and sent them scurrying to less demanding blog carnivals. How to fill the Carnival of Wealth while still retaining your interest? For you newcomers, an explanation: this is a weekly feature here at Control Your Cash. Every Monday, we round up the good, the bad, and the indifferent blog posts throughout the personal finance realm and present them in annotated form for your pleasure. We used to get scores of submissions, but then when most of the submitters discovered that we weren’t interested in perpetuating the foolishness that is reciprocal link bait, most of them began to balk. Then we got dozens of submissions, then tens, now we’re down to ones. Nothing wrong with that. The Beatles wouldn’t have sounded any better with more members.

Justin McCurry at Root of Good thinks that being the first one to submit every week, often mere minutes after the previous week’s CoW goes live, entitles him to some sort of special recommendation. Fine, we’ll reward him by putting him in the coveted top spot. And with good reason. This week Justin, who retired at 33, explains how he allocates assets in his substantial portfolio. Also comes with a crude map that misidentifies Sarawak and Sabah, the Bornean parts of Malaysia, as Brunei.

Any manager with sufficient experience knows that you never fire someone without figuring out who the person’s replacement is going to be. Unless that manager is Jason at Hull Financial Planning, who generalizes and inverts the concept, reminding you to hire slowly and fire quickly. Jason does follow the conventional wisdom that firing people on a Friday is the prudent thing to do. Which makes us wonder how gun stores fire people. “OMG, Juan is in the parking lot. And it looks like he’s bringing a gun to work!” “Don’t worry about it. Just make sure he doesn’t take any guns away from work.”

Madison du Paix at My Dollar Plan returns after a several-week hiatus, with her fancy 2013 tax calculator. Enter your filing status, number of dependents, bracket etc. and see how unpleasant a surprise you’ll be in for. Also, incorporate and funnel your money via a pass-through entity such as an LLC and you’ll pay less in taxes than your salaried counterparts. (It’s all in here.)

Jack-of-all-trades, aerospace engineer and California gadabout Harry Campbell at Your PF Pro explains how you can intoxicate yourself, numb your brain cells, and dramatically increase the likelihood of you getting arrested or hospitalized for just 70¢ per serving. Home brewing is every bit as complicated and time-consuming as making your own toothpaste, with the added benefit of poison.

We tried to use the word “tetralogy” last week, and it landed back in our faces. Turns out that PKamp3’s series on stock market valuation at was a pentalogy. Moral to the story? Stay monosyllabic. This week, he wrote the 5th and last post on this, uh, thing, ’bout how to tell if stocks cost too much en masse or if they’re priced just right for you and yours to spend your cash on and buy a piece of, like for the time when you won’t have to work much more (if at all.)

Told you this would to be brief. Blame it on the Thanksgiving holiday or our uncompromising standards for the CoW. Or both or neither. How about some cross-promotion? Check us out on Investopedia, where we keep the snark to a tolerable minimum and try to elucidate folks on personal finance topics of general interest. There’s also the Stacking Benjamins podcast, in which we trade stories, advice and the occasional barb with copanelists Paula Pant of Afford Anything, Len Penzo of, and the semi-anonymous host of the podcast itself. Who perhaps will update his panelist list and put our names on there sometime soon. As for this site, we update it daily. New posts Wednesday and Friday, new Anti-Tips of the Day every day, and another Carnival of Wealth next Monday. Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and buy another copy of The Greatest Personal Finance Book Ever Written if you haven’t already. Christmas is practically here. runs on the Genesis Framework

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