We’re Not Above Doing a List Post

Well, not on this site, but certainly in our other life on Investopedia. Our latest CYC Classic piece comes from 2011, and is titled “5 Overlooked Vacation-Planning Trips.” We wrote it for the Christmas season, but it applies at any time of year. That’s why you’re reading it now, in winter.

Admit it, your eyes glazed over when you saw the headline. You thought, “Great, this idiot is going to tell me to shop around for low fares and eat in cheap restaurants when I get there.” Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong. There are plenty of other personal finance sites that’d be more than happy to do that, tie it to a 30-frame slideshow, and call the result groundbreaking. No, we thought we’d give our readers legitimate ideas that they wouldn’t find elsewhere. And now, we’re passing the savings onto you. Read the following enticing paragraph and you’ll understand why Investopedia made it their mission to beat Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha in the bidding war for our services.

Planning a vacation, or even a simple business trip, is far more complicated now than it was in the prehistoric area (before Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) You can compare hotels, rank them by price, rank them by amenity level, rank them by distance from the airport, cross-reference them with reviews on TripAdvisor and read the reviews of those reviews. Hopefully, you’ll still be in the mood for a vacation if you don’t succumb to paralysis by analysis first.

Here’s the original. Read the whole thing, click on all the sponsor links, and send an email to the editor saying how awesome our pieces are.

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