Founded in 2010 and updated several times weekly, Control Your Cash thinks conventional wisdom about personal finance is largely stupid, useless and/or wrong.

Most self-styled experts either just babble the obvious (“spend less than you make”), or immediately immerse you in a foreign language (“customized ETFs can offer a higher ROI than REITs”.) Worse yet, these experts sometimes offer flat-out bad advice (“pay down smaller debts before larger ones, regardless of their interest rates.”)

So we’re countering that. With clear explanations, and regular injections of common sense.

That’s also why we wrote our book, Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense. It’s the only introductory personal finance book you need, explaining the important stuff (the stuff that isn’t readily apparent) in a concise, comprehensive, occasionally entertaining and easily digestible style.

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Betty Kincaid Control Your Cash

Betty Kincaid

Betty is a former national president of the Women’s Council of Realtors. She attended Northern Arizona University, and at the age of 20 found herself with a husband, a kid and a real estate license. Betty moved to Las Vegas, and soon founded a company that specialized in Section 1031 exchanges (a type of tax shelter.) That company grew to be the biggest in the Southwest. Betty cashed out in 2005 and became a full-time investor and speaker. She gives talks throughout the country on the benefits of passive income and conscious investing. Reach her at Betty at Control Your Cash dot com

Greg McFarlane (and 40% of Betty Kincaid’s head)

A Canadian native, Greg emigrated to the United States after earning a mathematics degree from the University of Toronto. He chased the dream of working as a professional sports broadcaster for several years, until he ran the numbers one day and decided to do something a little more lucrative with his life. Greg eventually moved to Las Vegas, where he worked as an advertising copywriter for a couple of major agencies before going out on his own and founding McFarlane Media. He writes about everyday financial concepts, and contributes regularly on several other sites. Reach him at Greg at Control Your Cash dot com.


In case there’s any misunderstanding: if we say something positive about a product, service or company on this site, it’s because we believe in what they’re selling. If they’re paying us, we’ll make that clear. If you think we might accept money to tout a product we hate, find a less demanding site to read. Again, we wrote this policy for one reason only: that articulated in the first 5 words of this paragraph.