The Business of Your Business: Formula, Financials, Function & Freedom

Women's Council of realtors,, Betty KincaidBetty isn’t just half of the Control Your Cash team (seriously, check out her bio.) The National Association of Realtors® chose her to teach one of its most popular and demanding classes – The Business of Your Business.

Betty teaches the course in her straightforward, no-mollycoddling style. She’ll teach you how to think about non-obvious, practical ways to make your business more profitable and by extension, you more successful. You’ll learn strategies for simplifying and standardizing your business so that it can run just as efficiently without you micromanaging it. You’ll also learn fundamentals for improving your bottom line – budgeting, reducing expenses, niche marketing – and ways to achieve your financial goals. There’s even more, such as how to supervise and delegate to employees, plus how to develop a business plan with detailed goals and meaningful deadlines. Ultimately, once you’ve taken this course you’ll forever stop treating yourself like an employee, and instead develop the skills and leadership of a CEO.