I just want to buy a car. What the hell is this?


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Glad you asked. We’re going to save you money before you visit the dealership. With no strings attached, (seriously, zero strings) we’re giving away Chapter VI of our book, Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense.

You’ll learn how to negotiate with a car salesman and deflect his attempts to intimidate you. We’ll teach you what not to buy, and how to avoid the low-price, high-financing parlor trick that so many car buyers get duped into.

Just click the book image below to receive your free chapter. If you like it, we (obviously) hope you’ll buy the book. It’s a primer for otherwise smart people who know nothing about money but would like to learn. If you want to how your 401(k) works, the difference between T-bills and T-notes, where your credit score derives from, the smart way to pay your taxes, or the one guaranteed way to build wealth*, you need the book. The Amazon reviewers think it’s the greatest thing since the New Testament.

*Buy assets, sell liabilities. Do this enough and you can’t help but get rich. (More details inside.)

Buying a car, control your cash