Privacy Policy, demanded by Facebook

There’s nothing more emasculating than having a 20-something Harvard nerd tell us how to do things. But because we have a Facebook page, they’re saying we need a privacy policy.

We promise to safeguard the information you give us when you sign up for our newsletter via said Facebook page. Here’s what we do with said information:

If you agree to accept cookies, they’ll allow apps to tailor their behavior to your past preferences. We might use traffic log cookies: these identify which pages you’re visiting, which helps us analyze webpage traffic. We only use this information for statistical analysis. When we’re done, we remove the data from our system.  The cookies don’t give us access to your computer or any information beyond what you choose to share with us.

Our site contains links to other sites. Really, it does. You can’t possibly be dumb enough to think that our policy applies on those other sites, but it doesn’t. Contact us if you’d signed up for mailings and have now changed your mind, and we’ll remove you from our lists.

We won’t sell, distribute or lease your personal information to anyone else without your permission unless the law requires us to. (It appears SOPA is dead, but still.) We might send you information about other parties that we think you’ll find interesting. Email us if you’d like a copy of the information we have about you or if said information is incorrect or incomplete. We’ll correct it.

There, now Facebook should be happy. At least they’re a private organization. The Federal Trade Commission wants a disclaimer too, but they can FOAD.