Speaking, Keynote, FacilitatorBetty Kincaid helps people, businesses and other organizations become successful, independent and responsible. Here’s Betty’s biography. Her speaking style is fun, fast-paced and packed with timely information. Betty offers your choice of 9 different presentations, which she’ll customize both to your audience and to the length of time you allot.

Control Your Cash
A companion to the book. You’ll learn how to:

-Take charge of your finances
-Evaluate your investments, and decide what to keep and what to dump
-Build wealth, instead of just earning income
-Create a long-term strategy for financial freedom.

Where Your Startup Should Finish Up
It’s not enough to have a great product or idea. Learn the skills needed to build a sustainable business:

-Determining what makes you and your business unique
-Hiring, training and rewarding worthwhile employees
-Developing (and sticking with) a reasonable budget to create cash flow and fund future opportunities.
-Transforming your startup into an asset that grows passive income.

Plan for Your Success
A strategic plan shares your mission and vision with your employees, investors and clients. With everyone working off the same script, your business grows faster and more efficiently. Betty runs multi-day planning sessions for businesses and non-profits in which you’ll learn how to:

-Complete mission, vision and values statements
-Use a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) assessment to pinpoint opportunities and shore up weaknesses
-Set short- and long-term goals, and hold yourself and your team accountable to them.

Leadership Mastermind
Starting a new business or just want to energize an existing one?  This presentation focuses on:

-Why you need to articulate your vision to be successful
-How to empower and motivate your team
-Making the connection between mentoring and leadership
-How to determine whether you’re a manager or a leader.

Conflict Resolution
Does your team spend more time gossiping about each other than taking to clients? This class will teach you to:

-Understand why conflict exists
-Persuade people to resolve their conflicts
-Neutralize the bullies and teach the pushovers to grow a spine
-Learn when to say “no”.

New Venture Creation: From Concept to Company
Before you write a business plan or approach angel investors, learn:

-How to determine what makes your product or service unique
-How to find capital
-The 3 skills you must master
-Why believing in your vision is more important than anything else.

Managing for Success
Jack Welch said “Getting the right people in the right jobs is a lot more important than developing a strategy”. In that spirit, learn how to:

-Find, train, supervise and reward the best employees
-Form an advisory board to give you a different perspective
-Determine if you’re a manager or a leader
-Use your customers to test what you’re selling (and what you plan to sell.)

Net Worth, Cash Flow and Growth in a Challenging Market
This fast-paced program will help you take control of your finances by:

-Regularly tracking your net worth
-Using your budget to control spending, create cash flow and invest in assets
-Calculating a return on investment for each of your expenses
-Exploiting niche and complementary opportunities to earn more.

Real Estate – Still a Good Investment?
The answer, as you can probably guess, is “It depends.” Learn how to:

-Differentiate among types of investments
-Complete an annual property operating data sheet (to determine cash flow and return on investment)
-Calculate properties’ capitalization rates (to compare their worth as investments)
-Calculate cash-on-cash return (to figure out the best ways to finance your investments – debt vs. equity.)

Listen to just some of the thousands who’ve attended one of Betty’s classes:

“Timely topic” · “Betty has evolved into a dynamic, world-class speaker” · “Great to finally get ‘real time’ info instead of fluff” · “This was an excellent program” · “Good, solid financial info” · “Have loved your presentations and valued your early statement of the 6-9% increase in value of condos (years ago)” · “Could be a longer course” · “Loved it” · “Betty is always great” · “Very good info – loved her subject” · “Appreciated her emphasis on paying off debt”

Questions? send an email to speaking at Betty Kincaid dot com.