We’re all over town

What do this image, its subject and Control Your Cash have in common? Overexposure!

Whoring ourselves out to any personal finance blog with enough good taste to bring us on board, if only temporarily. If you think our posts here are inventive and groundbreaking, you should see what we’re up to elsewhere.

Last week we debuted on Wise Bread, the undisputed king of personal finance blogs, at least if you rank them by readership. (Alright, we gave them our standard credit card rap, only updated for the masses.) The folks at Smart on Money invited us to ruminate, too; on 401(k)s and what’s in them. To say nothing of Money Under 30, who let us grace their space with a hearty combination of hardcore content and softcore images.

Arohan at Personal Dividends took a guest post, too. In that one, we outline a strategy that’s easy to activate and that’s already saved our Man of the Year some money.

We had no choice but to tear a fellow “author” to shreds at Financial Highway, multiple times, after being asked to review his books. We’re eagerly awaiting for a reviewer to return the favor (and yes, our book is still available on Amazon.) The mysterious Financial Samurai invited us to post on the benefits of incorporating, as we wage the endless battle against government confiscation.

We posted on Christian Common Cents about how to minimize the damage if you bought too much house. And similarly on Invest it Wisely, for that matter. That’s in addition to Len Penzo, Money Funk, Free From Broke, and so many more sites that we’re in danger of drowning in links. The remaining sites we haven’t posted on might as well sit back and take it. The Control Your Cash juggernaut remains unstoppable.